The Current State of Affairs

From the Offical DARiOX Blog

The Short Version:
The DARiOX Open Directory will be going private until further notice for legal complications.

The Long Version:
In Australia (Where the Open Directory is Hosted and where I live) the DARiOX Open Directory is infringing on the Copyright Act of 1968 (Australia) for “knowingly import, possess, sell, distribute or commercially deal with an infringing copy” and “Penalties include fines of up to $117 000 for individuals and up to $585 000 for corporations. The possible term of imprisonment is up to five years.”

So yeah, if I do not take the Open Directory Down (I do not have the time to sift through my entire archive to manually block copyrighted content) I will get a fine up to AU$117,000 (because I am an individual) and I might go to prison.

If you would like to get in touch with me please send me an email to [email protected]


If you have access to the open directory please Click Here.